Time to retire after 30 years in the motorcycle business. What we have for sale is a complete shop with lifts, benches, tire machines, fitures,
Racks with over 3 million worth of used parts in stock and in inventory all loaded in to this website. This business can be run from any location as it is website basted. This business can be run in as little as 1200 sf but we recommend 3000 sf. All of our racks are 20' high so we will also giving you a one man electric lift to reach the top. If your looking for an new exciting business you wont find a more enjoyable way to work.


This business must be moved, our building is not included.

This is what comes with the sale

Racks and fitures  worth  $35,000
Two Lifts, Tire Machines, Benches, One man lift  worth $5000
Clark Elecrric pallet lift   worth $4000
Conveyor system to process new inventory  Worth $1200
Complete webiste inventory loaded on drumhillcycle.com worth 3 Million.
Two phone numbers also come with the deal. One number is from North east cycle that we bought 10 years ago and has been around for 40 years. lots of call everyday. The other number is business shop phone for 30 years. All numbers can be moved anywhere in the USA. I paid $150,000 for the north east number so these two phones numbers add value to this business.

This is how our parts business works: We will buy a bike from a Customer, Auction, Craigslist or even off the street. Most bike do come to us from people needing money. Lets say we but a 07 Kawasaki ZX6 It runs good but looks bad, maybe it hit the grond or it's just ugly. Those are the best to buy as you can but them cheap. lets say $400.00 

1. We buy the bike
2. We test all systems, running, shifting, charging,
3. We pressure wash the bike
4. The bike is taken apart
5. All parts are examined and taged with the bike name and part number
6. The parts then go over to our conveyor where the parts are laid out with the part tag information facing up
for picture taking. The parts are then put into inventory on our racks.
7. We take all the parts pictures to the computer and loaded into our site.
8. Done

Now this $400.00 bike is now worth $4000 in parts


This business can be yours for only $280,000

Shop pictures can be found here http://www.drumhillcycle.com/Shop_Photos/fuseaction/photogallery/subaction/viewGallery/isSlideshow/1/catid/-1

We will train in our shop all operations of this business before it's moved or I'll come to your location for training.

Thanks for looking. Call Mark 603-577-5532







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